We provide our services free of cost at every stage in the process of pursuance of your objective for higher studies:

Our trained counselors will help you in the selection of right course of studies with the resume you submit to us amongst hundreds of courses available to you suited to the entry level of qualification. We organize face to face interaction with the faculty of colleges or university during their visit to India or thru the net to enable your decision making easier. You can always specify the country of your preference for the studies as well as College/ university if you have in mind and our counselors are there to assist you in providing the requisite information.

Applications are to be filled in and submitted along with the documents as listed specific to the country of choice .The document can be sent in the form of soft copies by email unless otherwise specified .Documents sent in a PDF folder are preferable for easy handling.

While there is no processing fee for applications sent to UK Universities/ Colleges, the same may not be true for other countries which may have an application fee varying from $ 100 to $ 200 for each application. Allow us a time period of two to four weeks to obtain the offer letters which may be conditional or unconditional based on the scrutiny of the documents submitted. .Unconditional offer letter can be obtained subject to you meeting the entry level requirements specified.

We charge minimal processing fee for USA and Canada while we do not charge any processing fee to other countries.

On receipt of the offer letters, the student must ensure that the finance to meet the course fee, maintenance expenses or any other expenses specific to the course is arranged either through your personal savings account or an educational loan obtained from a recognized bank. Liquid assets are only required as evidence for processing visa subject to the country’s regulations where you proposed to study.

A good knowledge of English is must for all the countries. Most of the Colleges/Universities require CEFR –B1 Level i.e. IELTS 6.0 Band for UG studies and CEFR –B2 Level i.e. IELTS 6.5 Band for PG studies. Some colleges/universities may accept the students for pre –sessional course with an additional fee, if the level achieved is less than specified. We provide you IELTS coaching at our center in Coimbatore through a professionally trained tutor . Students getting enrolled through us to any of the colleges/universities will enjoy tuition fee exemption for such a coaching on payment of the initial advance fee for the course.

Personal attention by our staff is given to every student in visa counseling and handling of the applications. We are proud to have a 100% visa success till date .It is always our endeavor to prepare the student well before the visa submission with all the paper work and the documents neatly arranged to make it hassle free.

We assist the students in arranging the accommodation before arrival at the colleges /universities through the references of the students we already have with us. Pre –departure briefing shall be given to each student so that the student is well aware of the situations one has to encounter on arrival.

Thus we at Orion Edcon Services ensure that the students are given our utmost attention and services at no cost to them.

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